Monday, December 28, 2009

Chapter 5 - Relaxing Time At Bondi Beach

John: Here are some pictures we took of ourselves while we were just relaxing on the beach, with the beautiful sun after our hard days work ahhhh~ ( it was just after we took the photos hehehe) and while we were eating some prawn chips these seaguls started to come to us! They were so close to us as you can see in the last picture (hello Mr. Seagul). We haven't been to the beach for soooo long! Ever since Janurary for our friend's birthday. So it was vair vair good to go to the beach once again, and before the new year too~

I still cant believe its only in a few days, new year I mean. So much has happened in this year, I had done 2 different courses in tafe accounting which I realised I should just do what I really want to do and passionate about which lead me to do applied fashion design and technology, which I loooove doing vair vair much :D. Also I got a job at one of my favourite stores that Grace and I went to like atleast every saturday hahaha. I still cant believe I work there... (smiling from ear to ear). And I have gone alot better with talking to people which I am vair vair VAIR happy about cuz I really struggle with talking to people, and its all thanks to my work! And the funny thing is, is that, that was one of my new years revolutions for '09 so there you go, who says new resolutions cant be kept! Ohhh AND I made great new friends~ WOOOO~ XD And finally I wouldn't of been blessed with all these without GOD so thank you VAIR VAIR VAIR much GOD you're TOPS! XD


  1. you guys tale really beautiful pictures!

  2. thank you vair much, it really means alot that you are liking them!