Sunday, January 3, 2010

Chapter 6 - Hello Pretty Looking Thing

John: Happy new years everyone! I hope you had spent your new years eve having loads of fun! We spent it at our friends house watching tv shows, eating and taking photos till 6am! WOO~ The time just went by and I was dead tired. We all woke up offically around 2 or 3pm? Then we just went to go watch a movie which was suppose to be The Princess And The Frog but the last session wasn't good time for us so we watched The Lovely Bones. It was really good! And I even dreamt about it! I cant really remember my dream but I know that there was some person like stalking me or something.... hahah

This picture is of this bag we saw in Grazia sometime early last year in the top ten items section. You know in the begining? Well any way we rang up the number to find out where they stock this bag and they said it was sold out every where! T^T We were vair vair disappointed. But they said they will be sending more to some of the stores that stocked them, but it was places we never heard of. So anyway one day I was at market city with my friend and we went into one of the stores in there and I saw a brown version of it and got excited but it wasnt the black one. But then one of the stop assistants pointed to the black which was on a top shelf and I was vair vair happy! We were at dinner for christmas and I brought my camera along, amongst taking photos of friends, I took a photo of Grace's bag just for fun, and it turned out to looking goooood~ So here I am posting up this picture of this bag that we thought we wont be able to get but in the end WE DID!


  1. OMG !!! wow. love the bag. where is it from?!! ;-)

  2. why thank you~ its by pink stitch, and i cant remember the name of the store but i think it was called internet clothes or internet fashion. i will find out for you when i go by there again.