Sunday, January 10, 2010

Chapter 7 - I Don't Know

John: We spent my day off yesterday at the city, and what beautiful weather we had. We actually left quite earlier than usual, cuz usually we plan to wake up bright and early to leave early, but it doesnt work out that way, we sleep in and wake up all annoyed for wasting time on sleeping AGAIN!!! HAHAH!

Well any way we bought a few things and the Fringe Bar had a little vintage shop opened within it. It was vair cool and vair vair crowded! and it was our first time inside there! Which was quite exciting, cuz we always wanted to go in there, one day, cuz it looks and feels like those bars you see in the movies and tv shows, you know how a bar "suppose" to look like, well its like that! It is acutally bigger than I thought, cuz there was this other little room I never knew they had which is pretty cool. Anyway there were many cool things like the jewelry and dresses and shirts and jackets and we got this black bag that was in the corner of the place. The shop asisstant was telling us the history of it, how it was from the 1970s I think? and that it was owned by a man, and it was most probably used for uni or school or something along those lines. It was pretty cool hearing that this bag had some story behind it!

Grace: I only have one word to describe this day. Pain. Pain. & .. MORE PAIN ! But oh so heavenly .. Because I got to shop. Why must shoes be designed for your feet, but seems as though your shoes have some sort of prejudice against your feet ? Its like a monster that swollows your feet up and then just voms it out. BUT its a monster that we seem to be addicted to and love. Well anyway by the end of the day my feet ended up lookng like, I dont know.. like feet that were covered in blisters. It hurt every step I took. And today I found dry blood on them. Lovely. Hahas, well these were shots we took randomly and I grew an obsession with this bag that we spotted in a bar that was selling clothing and accessories. It was desgined for males apparently .. but who cares. I fancy some guy clothes and accessories, and this way John can wear it aswell. :)

The bar was well presented, and had really nice jewellery. I tried on this really nice vintage looking jacket with floral prints on it. The place didnt really have a mirror, but one of the workers were really nice and held a mirror for me. But we didn't end up getting it.

P.S never again will I wear boots without socks. Perhaps it was my fault this time and not the shoes. Well, actually I blame the time. Time seems to like going against us, and loves to escape. It's so much easier blaming something else. :)


  1. great boots, and great outfit, love the long vest!

  2. love these boots nice photos again!