Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chapter 19 - In The Amazon

John: This shoot was inspired by Kirrily Johnston's latest runway show, with her models' faces painted with red and white symbols and shapes. It took us a few tries to get the painting right. The first few attempts were either to scratchy, round or uneven. But in the end we got it the way we wanted it to be.

Grace: Hey guys! Been a while. Guess what our new resolution is ? Posting at least once a week :S Wish us luck hahaha, anyway... Today I wasn't feeling great but found out great news from my pals :) and brightened my mood, I'd like to thank Martin for that haha. Well enjoy these pictures until the next one !

Friday, May 21, 2010

Chapter 18 - Plait Me Beautiful

John: Here is another up do I did for grace a few month back. I really liked how it turned out so of course I took a picture of it to show it to you guys!

Chapter 17 - Friday

John: A few weeks ago we booked into a hotel just for fun and went to eat out for thai. I LOOVVVVVE thai food~ The first time I ate thai was given to me by Sarah, she given me some leftover thai she had the night before, i thought it was chicken and ate some. I told her it was good and she said well you know its crocodile... and then I got Grace to have some not telling her it was crocodile and she said it was nice too and then I told her its crocodile hehehe~ But the second time I had thai which was last year for a birthday dinner for a friend from work, was a good experience. I fell in love with thai right then and there :). But anyway Tina and I just wanted to go out, dress up and get smashed and knock out on the floor. Things was against us, I was low on money, Kevin couldn't come cuz he had to work but in the end we somehow made it happen. I did take pictures of my food but it looked funny so I deleted it. But I shall tell you what I ate, which was Pad Thai. Grace's order looked vair vair good so I just had some of Grace's which was Green Curry and I wanted her food aswell, but I resisted taking it from her.

Chapter 16 - Japanese

John: These were taken on Grace's birthday. Grace, Sarah and I went to the city to eat out and we wanted JAPANESEEEE~ So we decided (which took awhile) to go to the new japanese place near Town Hall station where they have karaoke and a resturant which is pretty cool. And the cool thing about the resturant is, is that its like your in a japanese garden with light up blossom trees and you eat in booths. And the coolest thing is that you order by the touch screen on the wall, which REALLLLY makes ordering extra fun! hahaha. I only got to take pictures of these dishes because the other times I forgot to take a picture of them before we started eating them. Well I hope they make you hungry cuz they are making me hungry!

Chapter 15 - Big Day Out

John: We were soooo excited to go to Big Day Out because it was our first ever music festival. There were thousands of people there and everyone was having fun, moshing singing, drinking etc etc. It was what were we hoping it will be like. We actually stayed later then we were planning to. We saw Eskimo Joe, Lily Allen, Jets, Powder Finger and MUSSSSSSE~ The weather was sunny to begin with and then it started getting cloudy and then the rain started hahah for an hour. But I think for the next music festival I go to, I shall leave the camera at home cuz it was just heavy and big to be carrying around!

Chapter 14 - Backyard

John: These were taken when I was really bored one day and wanted to take pictures, so I went to my backyard to see if there was anything good to take pictures of. So the first one is a light on the side of my house, I thought it looked cool cuz it looked so old and all. I think it would be even better if it was one of those olden day candle lamps.. but its not unfortunately hahaha.

The second one is of an aloe plant my parents are planting, and it actually has gotten bigger from when this photo was taken. They also growing a chilli plant, tree? thing hahaha. They cheated and bought it already grown. We use to have more things growing in the backyard, like this one time I remember when I was younger, my friends and I was into growing plants, so we would go to the supermarket and buy packets of seeds and I remember I got cabbage seeds and planted it and it grew but ( at the time I was also into having ducklings which grew into ducks) then my ducks ate them all up! lol but anyway I really liked how the photos turned out, I hope you guys do too.

Chapter 13 - Urbanite

John: The first, second, fouth and fifth photos were taken when we were walking up from Surry hills, from memory we were there because I had to get stuff for tafe.

The third one was taken in Balmain, when I had a Christmas party for work. It was a fun night and I took hundreds and hundreds of photos hehehe~ Well I hope you like them!

Chapter 12 - The Beach

John: Hey guys, I know its been forever since we have posted up anything, but its because we haven't had the interent, but now we do, thanks to our AWESOME friend Sarah! THANKS SARAH! So here is a bulk of posts to make up for it.

These photos were taken when we were at Bondi Beach. It was such a beautiful sunny day so I just started snapping! Hope you like them.