Friday, May 21, 2010

Chapter 17 - Friday

John: A few weeks ago we booked into a hotel just for fun and went to eat out for thai. I LOOVVVVVE thai food~ The first time I ate thai was given to me by Sarah, she given me some leftover thai she had the night before, i thought it was chicken and ate some. I told her it was good and she said well you know its crocodile... and then I got Grace to have some not telling her it was crocodile and she said it was nice too and then I told her its crocodile hehehe~ But the second time I had thai which was last year for a birthday dinner for a friend from work, was a good experience. I fell in love with thai right then and there :). But anyway Tina and I just wanted to go out, dress up and get smashed and knock out on the floor. Things was against us, I was low on money, Kevin couldn't come cuz he had to work but in the end we somehow made it happen. I did take pictures of my food but it looked funny so I deleted it. But I shall tell you what I ate, which was Pad Thai. Grace's order looked vair vair good so I just had some of Grace's which was Green Curry and I wanted her food aswell, but I resisted taking it from her.