Monday, December 28, 2009

Chapter 5 - Relaxing Time At Bondi Beach

John: Here are some pictures we took of ourselves while we were just relaxing on the beach, with the beautiful sun after our hard days work ahhhh~ ( it was just after we took the photos hehehe) and while we were eating some prawn chips these seaguls started to come to us! They were so close to us as you can see in the last picture (hello Mr. Seagul). We haven't been to the beach for soooo long! Ever since Janurary for our friend's birthday. So it was vair vair good to go to the beach once again, and before the new year too~

I still cant believe its only in a few days, new year I mean. So much has happened in this year, I had done 2 different courses in tafe accounting which I realised I should just do what I really want to do and passionate about which lead me to do applied fashion design and technology, which I loooove doing vair vair much :D. Also I got a job at one of my favourite stores that Grace and I went to like atleast every saturday hahaha. I still cant believe I work there... (smiling from ear to ear). And I have gone alot better with talking to people which I am vair vair VAIR happy about cuz I really struggle with talking to people, and its all thanks to my work! And the funny thing is, is that, that was one of my new years revolutions for '09 so there you go, who says new resolutions cant be kept! Ohhh AND I made great new friends~ WOOOO~ XD And finally I wouldn't of been blessed with all these without GOD so thank you VAIR VAIR VAIR much GOD you're TOPS! XD

Chapter 4.5 - School Formal

John: These are a few pictures we quickly took before we headed out to Grace's year 10 formal. We had the whole day to get ready but we still left the house late so we were unable to spend ALOT more time taking pictures like we were planning to, but we did get some nice ones. AND luckily our friends Sarah offered to take Grace to her formal cuz the only option we had was for her to take the bus HAHAH~

We were looking for the PERFECT dress, a dress that just takes your breath away as soon as you see it and especially when you have it on! So when we saw this Kirrily Johnston dress we just died and came back alive to purchase the dress and so Grace can wear this dress to the formal! When we went to paddington to see if they had the dress in her size, they didn't have it in her size so that just ruined OUR PLAN. So on another trip down to paddington we were just looking in the stores and went into the Kirrily Johnston store just to look and see and to maybe try on some stuff there, and while grace was trying on some stuff the shop assistant saw me looking at that kirrily dress that we wanted and told us that they do have her size. So we were screaming on the insides but our smiles said it all! She tried on the dress and it look amah-zing~ even with her hair all tattered from the rain ( for some reason, its always bad weather when we go?) so that ended our quest to find the PERFECT dress!

Grace: I hope you all had a great Christmas, I know I did :D Well anyway, these snap shots were taken quickly before I arrived to the reservation at Paradiso (I think that's how you spell it.)
I remember the panic I felt while the adrenaline was pulsing and trippling my heartbeat when I looked at the time and realised I was 30 minutes late ! But it was okay, because even though I was half an hour late, people were still arriving so phew.
That night was a night to remember because everyone was constantly dancing it was so much fun :D And not only that, they played 'Down' like three times ! Everyone was dancing until they had cramps in their legs - like literally. I was a trooper and stayed in my heels all night, I felt proud hahahas everyone took their's off but I didn't want to part with my heels in case someone might take my precious shoes ! D: or while dancing people with shoes on will trample all over my feet, I mean after all my feet were pretty much demented by the end of the night from my heels, I don't need it to be anymore retarded.
I can't wait till my year 12 Formal because there's another excuse to dress up ! :D

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Chapter 4 - Loving My Kirrily

John: YAI-YER! School hoildays started for Grace last week so on the saturday we went to Bondi Beach to FINALLY do this shoot that we have been wanting to do for awhile! Ever since we bought the dress for her formal. Its such a beautiful dress, I just lurrrrrve it! It was the first time we did a shoot out of our area so it was quite exciting hehehe~ Also the first time in front of people. Not just a few people but HUNDREDS! But they were mainly facing the ocean so that was alright. The scenery and the direct sunlight made the photos look heaps good so hopefully we do more shoots in nice places with very good lighting.

Grace: Well as we promised, here we present to you one of the photoshoots we had planned. This was the dress I fell head over heels in love with beside Jacob Black, Edward Cullen and Luke Worrall.
So I hope you love my dress as much as I adore and treasure it. We still have more shoots planned ahead for you guys. We actually did this shoot a while ago but lagged to post it because we've either been to busy or too lazy hahas, so enjoy until the next shoot ! :D
By the way we wish you the best for Christmas ! Better have been behaving good or you'll end up with coal in your stocking ! Christmas for me and John will be excellent, having it spent with some of our closest friends. I cannot wait for tomorrow and the day after ! :D
For christmas spirit sake I'll end this post with "Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas everyone !" :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Chapter 3 - I Love It When The Camera Man Screams My Name

John: It's been the holidays for me since last friday, and I had a day off today from work so I spent the day lazying about, msging friends, Facebook and Twittering, and reading the last Confessions of Georgia Nicolson book 'Are These My Basoomas I See Before Me'. I looooooove~ these books they are sooo vair vair funny and unique. It is written like a diary entry, and the slang used in these books are soo clever! I use them myself cuz they're DOUBLE COOL WITH KNOBS ON! I suggest you to read them all. So since I wasnt really doing anything today I felt like doing a shoot today. I had in mind just a simple, black and white profile shots of Grace, but we ended up doing little bit more than profile shots hahha. It will be holidays for Grace soon aswell so we should have more time to do more photoshoots, and we do have a few in mind. Hope your all well chum and chumettes.

Grace: Okay so this photoshoot was yet another last minute proposal. We can't help but always be last minute, its just in our nature to be. If not for me and my brother to be .. than that would be like going against nature.

It felt to me as though we haven't blogged in a while, so you could imagine the moment when the 'camera man' (John) called my name and said "lets do a shoot !" I was excited. Like our old puppy Leo, who'd pee everywhere because he was so excited. (Minus the peeing) but you get the gist of my excitement. We have a few photoshoots planned out for you guys to enjoy, so keep an eye out for them. Until then, we hope you enjoy the spontaneous snap shots ! Hope to talk to y'all soon ! :)

With lots of love.

xoxo. Excited Puppy. :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Chapter 2.5 - Ashur's Birthday Party

John: Here are some pictures from that fateful night where Grace had the falling down a little hill and twisting her foot incident, ASHUR'S BIRTHDAY! People dressed up as pumpkins, scientists, spider/caveman, the scream guy and alot of other things, because it was a halloween theme (since it was halloween the day before). I haven't been to a birthday party for soo long, so it was real good to go to Ashur's. Overall it was a good night! Oh and there is pictures of Grace after her fall which are pictures 13 and 14 hehehe~