Monday, November 2, 2009

Chapter 2 - Today He Accidently... Called Me Baby

John: Saturday night, Grace was wear a pair of mutli-strap heels. In these heels she was chasing after our friend Sarah down a hill, and whooops~ down she went, and twisted her foot. So now she cant walk and can not put a pair of shoes on. So with this photoshoot we decided to do profile shots. We were aiming for one of those Nylon/ Oyster magazine feel and I think we did pretty okay with it??? We decided to curl her hair cuz we haven't done that to her hair for awhile since our curls broke down on us T^T.... I was happy with how we did her eye makeup! We wanted to do the racoon eyes and it turned out better than I thought I can achieve hahhaah. Here she is wearing a pair of Ray Ban aviators that Sarah's mum gave to us, which she found! and also a pair of the Ray Ban wafferers which we been meaning to buy a pair for soo long and FINALLY about two weeks ago we bought two pairs, one for Grace and one for me. (The lady at Sunglass hut that helped us was so nice and helpful) She got the normal ones and I got the ones that fold up.

Grace: So it all started a few nights ago. Where I learnt a few lessons the hard way.
Lesson one, was a moon that is almost a full one is called a Gibbous. :)
Lesson number two, don't ever run down a hill ever again in heels hyped up on sugar (especially M&Ms). Yes, heels are definitely pretty to look at, but are lethal weapons I tell you. How did the saying go again ? No pain no gain. That's how fashion rolls sadly. Although they are eye catching and irresitably attractive, very deadly creatures. But oh so beautiful. Oh who cares if they are dangerous, it is so worth every injury :)
And my favourite lesson of all, lesson number three - White chocolate Tim Tams make everything better. :D
And so, depressingly I couldn't wear any of my pretty heels for this photo shoot :'( but I am determined for when my stupid swollen foot is heeled I will once again reunite with my lovely shoes :D All of those who know about the grudge would understand me when I tell you every time I want to travel up the stairs I crawl. Yes I crawl up the stairs. Oh and if you dont know google it. I do warn you I'd rate it R, vair vair scary D: Anyway, everytime I crawl up the stairs I scare myself. It reminds me of a time when me and my brother were walking home from shopping I think it was... and then I noticed my shadow. It was bloody freaky I tell you. It was like the ring girl following me. I should shut up now, this is going way off topic hahas and I'm sure you have plenty of other things to be doing. Or maybe not because you are on this blog .. Okay, I'll shut up now. Good bye :)

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