Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chapter 1 - Atfernoon Sun

John: This was taken soon after when i got home from tafe. It was very impromptu. I just came home and said "grace, lets do a photoshoot today!" and so we quickly spent time getting her hair and face done and picking out something to wear, cuz we didn't want to loose the sunlight (vair vair thankful for daylight savings!). This was the first time taking our camera out in the outside world so it was quite exciting. Taking photos outside made me feel like an actual photographer hahha weird i know but it was great fun and the afternoon sun was beautiful, giving the photos some warmth which was AWESOME!

Grace: There was always this park that I would always come across. It would always strike to me as stunning. Especially in winter mornings where it just finished rainning the night before. With the dark clouds eclipsing the sun and the gloomy atmosphere that would enhance the green in this particular park in a way that would just daze you to it's own gravitional pull of it's beauty.

So, there I was with my brother rushing in my pink Haviannas (yes pink thongs, running with heels wasn't an appealing proposal. You would all agree. right? besides all you boys out there. Stupid John, he's so lucky. he doesn't have to suffer the consequences to looking good haha anyway...), the sheer top and puffy dress before the sun dispersed from us.

You could imagine the wierd looks I recieved while running in this not your normal day-to-day outfit. This last minute photo session was in this park when the sun was setting and lit the scenery with an orange shade that would just loom over the place.

It was fun. Besides the children beside us that was playing in the park and the people that were driving behind us wondering what the heck I was thinking... other than that it was all good. Well, I hope you enjoyed my life story and the pictures that we have taken.

Fairwell for now until the next adventure of John and Grace. :)

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