Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Chapter 59 - Pile On The Layers. (Women)


I think we Australians can all agree that the temperature is dropping fast! It's acutally getting to the point where I find myself acutally wearing clothes to keep warm, instead of walking around with barely any clothes on like I have been for the past season.

So while we pile on the clothes, why don't we have fun with it and embrace the layers of comfort and warmth. Lets start with our favourite grey cardigan with a jacket to boot, an oversized coat to insulate, a fur vest for some texture, another jacket for the heck of it, on top of our new chunky sweater. And top it off with a floor length scarf (or better yet, a wool felt blanket). Ahhh~ that's much better. Now we are equipped and armoured to face the cold.

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