Thursday, August 19, 2010

Chapter 24 - Things Will Never Be The Same

John: We haven't taken photos outside for a very long time. So we made sure we did the next one outside. We were losing light because it was the afternoon, but manage to get there just in time. I think the sunlight made a crucial part to how the photos turned out.

Grace: Hey guys, sorry for the late post lol. I've been very busy these past few weeks. It was horrible. Right now my feet are throbbing from the pain they're in D: Just finished work RIGHT after work. Definitely not looking forward to school on Monday, I'd rather stay at work hahahaha, its so much fun ! :( I think I'm gonna miss everyone there LOL even though it's only been a week. But they were SOO friendly and nice. They gave such a great experience and I love their food LOL.
I hate school.
Well enough talk about me. Hope you enjoy this post until the next post .. Which is .. I don't know when . LOL but just keep an eye out. :)


  1. i made a new blog bitchessss :-) click on my profile and follow it!

  2. great lighting! and you have such beautiful hair.

  3. Loving the pictures


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  4. I love the blazer! The last picture is so amazing with this great light!

  5. These photos are gorgeous, great lens flare.