Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Labels or Love??

John: These are some of the most recent purchases that Grace has gotten. The first is the sheer white blouse and the high-waisted leather skirt. LOVE them both, the blouse for its ladyy-like elegance but with a little bit of a sexy twist with it being sheer. And the leather skirt, SEX! Do I need to say more.

Now moving on to the coat, I have been eyeing it for weeks but haven't been able to get her to try it on cuz of work and tafe ==" But she finally did a few days ago! The fit of it was perfect on the body and the arms and usually the problem she has with coats are the fit but this one seemed like it was made for her. I love the colour, the cut, and the curved collar, very feminine. Its has a little bit of Louise Vutton and Burberry to it.


  1. Beautiful outfit!! The leather skirt is the bomb!! xoxoxoxoo

  2. That coat is divine and the skirt fits you like a glove. Lovin your blog lady!