Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Beginning

Grace: I remember the first day we recieved the SLR camera hahas, my brother was literally taking photos of EVERYTHING. Our friends room has been raped and taken advantage of lol. My eye sight was blinded by the flashing lights, all i could hear was the clicking it made and me and my friend was bombarded with lenses in our faces constantly, ahhas. And now he has finally been able to satisfy his urges and excitement today, we were anxious and sweating like pigs, so we both hope you enjoy our little project :)

John: finally this day has come, where we get to do our little photoshoot! we have been waiting for this day to arrive where we first, buy a camera and second, start taking photos. i was rushing last night to finish my school work so i wont have to do it today so we can use the day to this after many many months of waiting and saving and praying and dreaming hahahah. while we were taking the photos we were sweating like crazy for some reason? we werent sweating beforehand, but that just shows how hard we worked! we are very nervous and excited to make this blog cuz we are exposing our work hahahah but we hope you like our blog cuz we had lots of fun making it :)


  1. I absolutley LOVE you in this post <3 LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. TIMES A MILLION!

  2. ok I just realized these photos arent of you hahaha but they are amazing nonetheless!

    oh now i feel silly ><

  3. lol no you were right it is grace in these photos. and thank you very much! :D